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Vinyl Fence Styles

There are 3 main choices that determine your vinyl fence style. The color of the product, the height of the vinyl fence, and the privacy style.

Vinyl Fence Colors

Color has a large influence on the price of the fence. The rule of thumb is white is the most affordable, and the darker you want your vinyl fence, the more of a premium is added. Black being the most expensive.

Keep in mind that the solid colors, white, almond, khaki, and stone have the color extruded into the vinyl. This is true of the variegated varients too. The signature colors, Espresso, Cayanne, Hazelnut, Storm, and Black, use a different process where an acrylic like coating is applied to the base level extrusion. This is both what causes its premium price and also affects its warranty guarentee. VEKA provides a limited lifetime warranty on its solid colors, but the premium colors are only given a 20 year warranty. Ask us for more details.

Solid and Variegated Colors

Mix and match colors to create a look that brings your property to life.

Signature Colors

Get the wood look, without the maintaince of a wood fence.

Pick a Privacy Style

Get a full privacy fence to keep things seperated. Add some flair with a picket or lattice accent. Go the custom route with a semi privacy fence, uniform pickets or alternating for a style all your own. Classic open picket fences are always charming for the front yard. As custom routing increases in a style, the more it can influence the price.

Fence Height

Height can also influence price. We can build a fence to any height, but the product is only ordered from VEKA in certain heights, so things may need to be cut to size. Vinyl fences can have multiple heights. Tell us what you think will work best and we can plan it out.

Have a Condo or Commercial Project?

We can help you get some figures and make a plan.