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About Us

Our Story

Jon learned the business from a friend’s father back in 2010, who owned AB Value Vinyl Fencing. Jon met Rommel along the way after Rommel immegrated to Canada from the Phillipines, and they always had the goal of helping each other. Jon enjoyed the work, and saw it as a path to afford university. Jon founded the company in March of 2012, and built fences every summer as he returned to the University of Alberta to finish his Computing Science degree Minoring in Business. Jon competed with Cavalry Fence in the Entrepreneur Organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2014.

After graduating in 2016, Jon and Rommel worked on projects together on the side as Jon worked in his degree. After working in AI and Robotics, Jon was laid off in March of 2021 and decided to take Cavalry Fence full time. Rommel joined Jon the next summer and the rest is history.

Quality First

Jon and Rommel have been in vinyl fence for a long time. We have learned best practices from lessons in the field, experince from other builders, and attending industry conferences to get a breadth and depth of products available. If it makes your fence last longer, and prevents us from returning to a jobsite, we want to learn about it. We are not too stubborn to learn a better process and we have changed how we install vinyl fence over the years. We take this principle of education, and apply it to when we sell a job. Even if a customer doesn’t buy from us, hopefully they learned how to make a more informed decision through the process.

Scalloped Picket 4ft

Power Through Technology

We invest in the tools to install you a better fence, while making our lives easier.

Years of Experience

Our years of experience allow us to make the right calls in the tough situations, giving you a better experience

Trusted Products

We believe in the products we use because of our experience with them and the manufacturer’s guarantee. Choosing the right products ensures your satisfaction.

Jonathon Machinski

Owner and Contractor

Rommel Russel

Lead Builder