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We only buy the best high quality American made product from our local supplier, DLR Vinyl Products.

Even if you do not buy your fence from us, please ensure your contractor is using product that was extruded in North America.

The benefits to American products are: your fence panels are thick, durable, built to specification, and resistant to sun fading;  ensures your product comes with a life-time limited warranty; ensures the stability of the local fence market and ensures more of your money stays in the local economy. A flood of foreign material has begun to hurt the market and reputation of vinyl fences.

You can trust that your fence will be built by experienced and knowledgeable hands. Besides our great reputation within the vinyl fencing community, Cavalry Fence is owned and operated by Jon who has over 10 years of hands on experience.

Jon will come on-site and appraise your project in order for our skilled team to build the best fence for your property. Jon has been building vinyl fence since 2010 and built Cavalry Fence in 2012. Cavalry Fence has been affiliated with the BBB and Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

Jon is a recent graduate of Business/Computing Science at the University of Alberta and has had Cavalry Fence recognized by the Entrepreneur Organization's Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.

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I'll walk you through the process, show you all your options, and book a time to personally appraise your project. Together, with DLR Vinyl Products, we will find the right solution.